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Electric Floor Heating Installation

Is it a DIY Project?

First of all, what is the benefit of electric floor heating installation? The answer is simple: waking up on a cold winter morning can be a bit traumatic. As you swing your legs out of bed and put them on your floor, your first desire may be to get them back under the covers. If your floors are freezing cold in the morning, there is a solution. Electric under floor heating will make that floor toasty, even on the coldest of days. This is true of tile floors on cement slabs as well.

The question now is to decide if you want to install the floor yourself or pay the price and hire a contractor. If you have experience as a DIY type person, it may be exactly the way to go. Although you may be able to install the heating system, you may need a licensed electrician to hook it up to your electrical source.

As you begin your search for a radiant floor heating system there are some things to consider. There are more than one type of floor heating systems to choose from. Some are similar to electric blankets and are easy to install. Others are made up of strips that need to be wound with coated electrical wires.

Radiant heating can be installed under stone, laminate or tiles and simulated wood. It is not so suitable under natural wood or carpeting because of the risk of fire.

How sure are you that the wires of system are insulated adequately as to not interfere with radios, pacemakers, hearing aids, phones and hearing aids? If not properly insulated, there will be static interference with these items.

There should be a thermal insulation shield between the systems. This is especially true if concrete is under your flooring. Concrete absorbs the heat, causing your energy costs to soar. This is why it is advisable to install a programmable thermostat to help with fuel costs.

The flooring over the system has to be watertight to prevent fire or damage to the system. Water and electricity do not go well together. For this reason an electrician should check the system and connect it to the home electrical system. This will eliminate the threat of shock and also certify that the system is grounded properly.

Instructions come with most electric flooring systems and these instructions need to be followed closely. It will help to ensure safety and prevent cold spots in the system.

It is also important to check the zoning laws in your area. Getting the proper design for the location of your home is important. There are different designs for different parts of the country. Your retailer will be able to tell you if the system you are considering is zoned for your area.

Floors are difficult to warm in winter. The installation of a radiant floor heating system can give you that warm floor and decrease your energy costs as well. It is a project that is ideal if you are an experienced DIY person. If you have hesitation in your abilities, you may want to check with an independent contractor for advice, or consult with a friend that has already installed an electric floor heating system in their home.