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Manufacturers That Help Your Tiles Keep Extra Warm

Tile floor heating systems heat goes underneath your floor tiles of any make. They heat your home from the floor-up, creating radiant heat that is more comfortable, more efficient, more economical, and cleaner than the usual forced-air ventilation system. In addition, tile floor heating systems help to beautify your home.

They are invisible and silent. No more mechanical noises from your heaters and vents. No more unsightly wall vents. No more trouble placing furnishings just where you want to place them.

There are several leading makers and brands of tile floor heating systems

One of these is Tempzone. This company make a fiberglass mesh-backed cable system which is less than 1/8" thick. It’s easy to install beneath not just tile but also stone or marble flooring.

With this product, you get an evenly spaced two-inch serpentine loop that has been engineered to give you as much as 25% greater heating capacity than other, similar systems, giving you a faster floor warm-up at times when you feel the need to raise the thermostat.

It should be noted that Tempzone recommends its Cork Underlayment with installation of its tile floor heating system over a concrete slab. This will create a thermo break while increasing the energy efficiency of your system. And if you want to heat shower tile flooring, the company offers low-voltage heating systems designed to be safe ways of warming up such floors as well as tub surrounds, saunas, and steam showers.

Raychem’s QuickNet makes a tile floor heating system which gets installed directly beneath ceramic tiles or even natural stone. The system is also compatible with all standard under-floor materials. It has only a 3/16" (3 mm) profile, so if you use it for home renovation it's still unobtrusive. With this system you get a blue heating cable which is woven into an adhesive-backed red fiberglass mesh, permitting easy roll-out installation. You don't have to be concerned about heating cable spacing.

The system's floor heating mats are pre-terminated for use with 120 and 240 volts. They're available in a variety of lengths. Width is 20 inches. They've also been designed with a shielded dual conductor so as to not emit any measurable electromagnetic fields (EMF). All you need is one cold lead connection.

UltraProFlex SP is a flexible, rapid-set, polymer modified, cementitious-based floor and wall tile adhesive. This system has been designed for enhanced flexibility and adhesion so that it is perfect for areas of your house where slight movement or vibrations may occur. You can use this system to fix ceramic, natural stone, porcelain, mosaic, and glass tiles to nearly all common building substrates such as screeds, concrete or sand render, brick and block work, heated sub-floors, existing tiled surfaces, and over-boarded wooden floors.

This tile floor and wall tile heating system is designed for interior, exterior, arid, and wet conditions. It can thus be used in pools and showers. You can begin walking on the surface within three hours after application of the adhesive.

Cablewarm makes heating mats for electric under floor tile heating systems that are easy, and quick, to install. The mat’s backing keeps the cable at the factory pre-set spacing to make sure that you get even distribution of warmth throughout your tile floor. You can also easily cut the matting to custom fit any room while navigating around fixed obstacles like heavy furnishings. These heating cables have been designed for complicated floor areas where a mat just isn’t suitable.

This design also enables a greater degree of fitting flexibility than is typical with similar products. You can use these to heat your conservatory so that you don’t need to spoil it with ugly heaters. Cablewarm notes that for concrete sub-floors, electric under floor heating needs to be complemented by a high quality thermal insulation barrier.

Look into these companies when you are considering installing tile floor heating systems for your home. It’s well worth the cost.

Installing the tile floor heater on your own

Of course, if you want to do the installation all by yourself, there are several tile floor heating DIY kits that you can purchase and install your heating for a weekend project. While they are not the cheapest (most kits go for several hundred dollars), you should know that they are much cheaper than having an expert company install it for you. Except for the material costs, they will also charge you for their toolss and their times.

TileWarm DIY tile floor heater kitOne of the best DIY kits is the TileWarm DIY tile floor heater kit that I have personal experience with. It is an energy efficient floor heating system for tiles and it has every component that you will need for a proper home based installation.

TileWarm tile floor systemIt is also very safe, waterproof and offers extra protection due to the exclusive SecurataMatTM membrate that protects the element during the instalation process.

You can also easily customize it as the heater strips are flexible and are 'tear and turn' types that can effectively fit anywhere in the room. The kit has a continuity monitor for helping you do the installation the right way.